Women Only Tours

Women Only Tours
Women Only Tours

Nomadic Tour (Pakistan) is a local company based in Hunza Valley, we strongly believe in equal participation of women in the Tourism industry. We encourage local women to take unconventional career paths, such as leading a trek and conducting tours in the heart of Karakoram. The first batch of female tourist guides is available and we are happy to include them for an exciting career. Tourism is among the major industries besides agriculture in the north (Gligit-Baltistan region of Pakistan”

Woman-to-woman tours or “women only” trips are one of the unexplored frontiers, especially in Pakistan. We have a varied collection of women’s trips –all led by local female guides (from different parts of Hunza).

Why “women only Tours” in Pakistan with Nomadic Tours?

Being a part of only a women’s Tour led by local female guides from Hunza would allow you to easily mingle with locals, especially local women who would really open up to the fact that there won’t be male members in your group.

-If you wish to stay at a local homestay to experience the local lifestyle and food and make lasting connections. You are in. As part of the local values, it’s unlikely homestays in Hunza Valley would accept male guests.

-Only women Tour in Pakistan itinerary features women-run restaurants, and boutique shops, Nomadic Tours spotlights female entrepreneurs such as Jewelers and hand embroidery done by local women in the heart of Karakoram, Hunza valley.

– Since safety is a factor for women, in Pakistan where it is not usual for western women to travel solo. Nomadic Tours offers a dedicated opportunity.

-Being a locally based company in Hunza as opposed to other companies working in partnership in your home countries we offer reasonably low prices providing the same standard of services and our local female guides know the area better.

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