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Cycling on the Karakorum Highway along the Indus River.

Nomadic Tours (Pakistan)
offers Bike Tour & Cycling tours travelling through the plains from south to the mountains of Karakoram in the north. This trip is an exciting opportunity to experience some amazing natural landscapes of the rugged mountains of Karakorum to the rich ancient cultures along the Karakoram highway

It is one of the best for cycling and Bike enthusiast. Riding along the ancient silk route, now on newly paved Karakorum Highway ( 8th wonder of the world).It offers some breath taking views all along.

It makes it one of the world’s great cycling rides. Our final stop would be either the farthest corner of Pakistan in the north at the Pak-China border or we may make our way to the remote Shimshal valley through some precarious roads making a detour from KKH.This would greatly depend on your willingness and physical fitness.

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