About Us


Welcome to Nomadic Tours, Your travel destination in Pakistan.

Nomadic Tours is a Pioneer Travel  registered and licensed by ministry of Tourism department of Tourism services government of Pakistan.We are also sanctioned by Securities and exchange commission of Pakistan(SECP) and Federal board of Revenue (FBR) aimed at providing standardized and memorable experience.

Being a local based Travel agency based in Hunza Valley the last frontier of Pakistan in the north, we have an extra benefit of better know how of local knowledge, mountains, Local Hotels and Transportation in the region. As a part of our services we allow you to feel the life style, rich traditions of mountainous community and providing you with a firsthand experience of lifestyle of local mountain communities. Exposure to international market has enabled our dedicated staff to meet the expectations of our guest

Nomadic Tours is an expert in Trekking, sightseeing and cultural Tours having an established infrastructure with our International liaison office based in Islamabad to support your requirements making your Journey hassle free. Here at the Nomadic tours, our experienced Tour and Trekking guides (licensed) have the passion, knowledge and adventure experience you can rely on. Being a local travel agency which means we are flexible to fulfill your requirements at a reasonable low cost .We can give you the best advice to plan your holidays with regularly updated road and Trekking trail conditions. Simply choose a holiday from our incredible destinations; the itinerary is carefully designed from our past experience with our guests ensuring maximum adventure and ample time to relax. In case you intend to make your stay longer or shorter do multiple small treks, we will customize a holiday that suits you !


Over the Years from our experience we have accumulated experience of working with guests from various backgrounds with great hard work fundamentally with the long cherished spirit of hospitality. Our team has developed a deeper understanding of main tourism attraction; off-beaten trails which guide books wouldn’t tell you otherwise, weather and road conditions, hotels and the needs of our guests. You will thoroughly enjoy the friendliness of our experienced guides.


As part of our values we are fully aware of our responsibilities to local communities and environment we take Responsible Tourism serious. In most villages and smaller towns our cooks, drivers, guides and other support staff rely on Tourism as sole source of income ,we ensure maximum payment structures in the market . We encourage our guest to buy local home made products to help the local communities. As part of our conscious business model we “plant a tree for every booking you make with us”.


Choosing a holiday from our incredible destinations is hassle free. We will help you to choose from our carefully designed itineraries or customize a holiday from your choice of destinations suiting your needs. You have your time to do things and create life time memories which will stay with you forever.

Please contact us for further information at info@nomadictours.pk